The Great Sextile Star of David Merkaba of late July 2013

The Great Sextile Merkaba and The Grand Irrationality

by Robert Wilkinson

The Great Sextile 6 pointed Star pattern now occurring involves Moon in Taurus, Jupiter and Mars in Cancer, Venus in Virgo, Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces. How is this related to the Grand Irrationality?

In an interesting shift, Neptune and Pluto are now somewhere around 55 degrees apart, which isn’t really within orb of being a septile. That means Neptune and Pluto each have their own set of septile series degree zones, but do not work simultaneously. They will be back in septile by September, but for now enjoy that they are closer to a sextile than a septile.

That also means the Grand Irrationality is somewhat weakened at this time, even though Saturn is still triseptile Uranus, generating its own non-rational series of degrees. These also show us we’re at a huge fork in the road of our lives wherever this falls in our chart. I spoke of this in the past Full Moon articles, so please go check them out to see if you have a planet or angle that falls in one of these 7 zones generated by Saturn and Uranus.

Right now, the septile series to Neptune and Pluto work consecutively rather than simultaneously. The septiles, biseptiles, and triseptiles to Pluto involve 10-12 Capricorn, 1-3 Pisces, 23-25 Aries, 14-16 Gemini, 6-8 Leo, 27-29 Virgo, and 18-20 Scorpio. The septile series aspects to Neptune now involve 13-15 Capricorn, 4-6 Pisces, 26-28 Aries, 17-19 Gemini, 9-12 Leo, 30 Virgo-2 Libra, and 21-24 Scorpio.

So this Great Sextile involves Neptune and Pluto, but more through the Grand Trines forming the Great Sextile than the Grand Irrationality. From now through August the above zones will be transited by all of the inner planets, with Mars last in the sequence activating the Grand Irrationality in the first half of September.

To note, Neptune will again be in orb of a septile to Pluto by late September, lasting until May 2014. Still, for now the Great Sextile gives Neptune and Pluto more of a sextile feel than a septile effect, so enjoy it while you can!!

This is important for later this year into 2014, since Saturn will enter the Scorpio zone of the Grand Irrationality by late November and septile Pluto through May 2014. It will biseptile Neptune from December 2013 through mid-April 2014, and again beginning September 2014. So enjoy the brief respites from the Grand Irrationality during the Summers, since it’s the first glimpse that this long wave pattern is finally beginning to end.

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The Great Sextile Star of David Merkaba of late July 2013

© Copyright 2013 Robert Wilkinson

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