The coming year . A call to action



As 2016 was approaching that inner dialogue in my head got louder  and louder. That I wasn’t pursuing my LIFES WORK. But my practical side was on the other shoulder saying the opposite. Collectively the tension between practical, workplace realities and my desire to fulfill their creative and spiritual nature and serve humanity in some way became undeniable.

Finding a way to integrate and balance these two poles in a time of economic downturn is a complex issue

If you are like me – I’ve come to believe that many are advanced souls with exceptional abilities who were drawn into incarnation precisely because of the hope they saw for advancement and equality for women, minorities, and those who are different from the mainstream. This is a pivotal moment, one that can reverse the social and economic trends that are so disempowering. But I believe that you and I can catalyze the efforts to take action to preserve the freedoms their parents fought so hard for.

If you’re one of them, and have felt hopeless or apathetic about your power, as an individual, to make a difference in the world, this is a time to rekindle your hopes and dreams of what fulfills you in life. In short, you have earned the right to go for your dreams, though it may mean a temporary pay cut, hard work, and many sacrifices.  If it helps you get more satisfaction out of life and many people to live happier more satisfying lives than what else is there????

There is an invisible and infinite part of ourselves that knows our deepest purpose. Do what makes you feel amazing. And listen to the quiet whispers (or elbow nudges) of your heart. Your intuition and excitement will bring you in alignment with your purpose.

I know people often feel torn, here between the security of a job they find constraining and depressing, on one hand, and the unsure path and finances of striking out for a new and fulfilling career.  Who could blame you if you did— but if you don’t go for your dreams now, when will you?


I believe that Events and conditions of one’s earliest years become a motivating—or limiting—force that gives you a sense of identity and purpose, of meshing with the group destiny. And if you still find yourself on the fence about it perhaps you could take a moment like me and explore the signs and symbols the universe is sending you to help you walk your RIGHT PATH!!!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.