There is a New Art Form on the Rise…Do you know what it is?

Babies! That’s right but not those cabbage patch dolls from the 80’s. Not those creepy porcelain statues that your great aunt had. These babies look real and they feel real and they are helping so many people all around the world.They are Full Body One of a Kind Silicone Dolls. They are amazing and detailed and priced up to $20,000!



Silicone Doll

Why are they so popular? So Pricey?

Why are Silicone Reborn Baby dolls popular?

One might argue that the movies have contributed a great deal to their popularity over the years. However, and this is the truth, the movies have contributed very little to their popularity.

They are basically pieces of collectible art forms, and people love them for that. Their perfect mimic of infants, attention to detail and high quality has caused many to fall in love with them.

For moms who cannot bear kids, these dolls provide temporary fulfillment similar to that which first-time mothers experience. Grandparents and parents looking to preserve the memory of their departed little one find comfort in these unliving dolls.

There is something special that happens with them.They relive sadness and anxiety and are even proving to help Alzheimer patients stay lucid longer.

But there are cases when it is quite understandable for someone struggling with feelings of loss — possibly an empty-nester, a childless woman, or someone who has lost a baby — to fill the void with a realistic doll baby.

What does the mind do when faced with a loss and a void so enormous?

Denial is one of the most prominent defense mechanisms. It’s not that these doll-owners think the doll is a real baby, but it affords them moments when they are comforted and can pretend they have a real baby, to themselves and to the world.

There are even dedicated magazines to lifelike dolls (such as Lifelike Doll Magazine), highlights how realistic the reborn baby dolls look.

The Wikipedia entry on reborn dolls notes that:

“A reborn doll is a manufactured vinyl doll that has been transformed to resemble a human baby with as much realism as possible. The process of creating a reborn doll is referred to as reborning and the doll artists are referred to as reborners. Reborn dolls are also known as living dolls or unliving dolls. The hobby of creating reborn baby dolls began around 1990 when doll enthusiasts wanted more realistic dolls. Since then, an industry surrounding reborn dolls has emerged. Reborn dolls are primarily purchased on the internet but are available at fairs”

There are Doll Shows around the world just for them.


What are you thoughts on them?


How to Improve your intuitive Healing Abilities

healing abilities

Yes, you do have intuitive healing abilities. Everyone does! It’s just that most people haven’t learned to direct the power of their mind. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Change your attitude. A lot of your attitude – or outlook on life – flies below the radar, outside your awareness. It’s due to persistent negative beliefs. These are the same beliefs that caused the energy blockages in the first place! Notice any areas of struggle in your life: these clearly point to self-limiting beliefs you hold about yourself: for example, “I’m not good enough to be successful” or “Nobody can love someone like me.” You don’t even know these beliefs exist, yet they manifest in your life circumstances and in your health problems!
  2. Know your body. Not many of us are all that attuned to our bodies. Be aware of the physical feelings you have, every day – not just the big aches and pains, but the more subtle things like persistent but less annoying things you may have just gotten used to: dry skin, bloating, gas, fatigue, low libido, etc. These are signs from your body that something’s not right! The body does a great job of self-repair, when given a chance, but any persistent problem means the system is out of balance. Learn to sense your energy (“chi” or “prana”) by doing a systematic body scan (feet to top of head) where you visualize your chakras – each chakra corresponds to a different color – and hold your attention on each one until you sense its color and vitality. If a color seems weaker than the others, there’s a blockage.
  3. Listen to your intuition. Your inner guidance is always available to teach you and point you in the right direction. Its guidance sometimes goes counter to the intellect. You can open the doors to intuition by meditation or prayer. Your answers come in the form of hunches, visual images, sounds, gut feelings, memories or a ‘knowing’. These feelings can be strong or subtle. You may receive answers in your dreams. These can be tough to interpret because the symbols used by the mind are sometimes bizarre. Keep a dream journal and write down and interpret every dream you can remember – especially the recurring ones, which are essential to understand! The more you learn to listen to your intuition, the easier you will come to notice it and trust it.

4. Direct your energy. Focus your mental and emotional energy on healing. Visualize the body as completely healthy (not ‘being healed’ or ‘healing’ which is the process, not the end result). Also avoid giving thought to the existing condition because ‘what you think about, comes about’.Visualize the end result you want – perfect health in every aspect of the word!Use the visualization techniques described above to specifically direct the healing energy.

5. Allow. Allow the healing to work. Don’t second-guess, don’t doubt. Set your intention to heal, use visualization and emotional power of thoughts, and kick back and let your body do its thing!

Why Intuitive Healing Works

Intuitive healing works because of the mind-body connection. Interestingly, there is really no such ‘connection’ because that would imply that the mind and body are separate. They’re not! They are aspects of the same thing, just as you cannot separate a side of a piece of paper from the material it’s made of.

PHOLUS – 22 Aquarius


Pholus and Ixion

22 Aquarius rides high in the heavens this week. Bringing much commotion. I of course have a planet/asteroid/configuration completely conjunct it. As it has been for the last 4 to 5 years with an increasing frequency  as to the why as of yet it has not bee revealed to me.

I have Pholus at 22 Aquarius in my second house. This is what I do know about Pholus…

The outer extremes of Pholus’ path cross the orbits of both Saturn and Neptune. Just as Chiron is considered an astrological key to Saturn and Uranus, so Pholus is a key to Neptune. His average distance from the Sun is a little greater than that of Uranus, a complete revolution takes 92 years. In myth, Pholus guards the centaurs’ vines, the wine from these being the actual cause for the battle between Hercules and the Centaurs. Like Chiron, Pholus becomes embroiled in the battle by chance, and dies due to a tragic coincidence – while curiously inspecting one of Hercules’ poisoned arrows, he is mortally wounded.

According to first astrological observations, Pholus gives unusual ability in a particular area, or unexpected results, due to a gift for experiment. Pholus’ transits over the main axes of a chart, often mark radical and unexpected change, hinted at by his sudden and unexpected death in the myth.

There are a number of Neptunian overtones to this story. The wine, for example. Pholus’ self-sacrifice, in one version. Pholus stepping outside of the safe and secure to investigate the unknown mystery of the arrow. Perhaps these relate to the fact that Pholus orbits between Saturn and Neptune….and links them up in much the same way that Chiron links Saturn and Uranus.

We haven’t had very long to study Pholus, so not much of his astrological nature has been verified. But there does seem to be an element of selflessness in his actions…of involving the self in something to the point of losing the self in the process. Much more study is needed, though.

Centaur Pholus

Pholus and Deianira

In the myth Chiron and Pholus are closely related: they are considered as the only reasonable and wise Centaurs, and they are said to be philanthropic. Both are friends of Hercules´, and both inadvertently die by his poisonous arrows, while he gets entangled in a conflict with the other Centaurs. The main version of this myth is as follows: On his way to the Erymanthian mountains, where he has been sent to catch the notorious wild boar, Hercules passes by the cave of the wise Centaur Pholus and is invited for a meal. Pholus was known as the keeper of the wine of the Centaurs, a gift of the wine god Dionysos. Against Pholus´ scruples, Hercules insists on opening the jug. The smell of the godly potion immediately attracts the other centaurs and puts them into fury. They charge with torn out rocks and trees to plunder the jug. But Hercules repells them. He pursues them with his arrows poisoned by the blood of the Hydra and kills them in large quantities. Hence they take refuge with the immortal Chiron, the great master of martial and healing arts, and gather around him to find to find shelter. But Hercules is blind of pugnacity keeps on shooting. Unfortunately, one of his arrows beats through a Centaur´s arm and is stuck in Chiron´s knee. The other Centaurs flee into all directions, while Hercules, under self-accusations, hastens to Chiron and tries to help him. But the poison of the Hydra leaves an incurable wound. It agonizes the immortal Centaur so much that he longs for death. Finally, by virtue of a deal with Zeus and Prometheus, he can die after a long time of suffering. Pholus, who has not been involved in the battle but simply witnessed it, dies by an unfortunate accident, as well. He wonders whether such tiny arrows can kill so huge Centaurs immediately. He steps to a corpse and pulls the projectile out to study it. Unfortunately, it slips from his fingers, gets stuck in his foot and kills him immediately.

It is the destiny of both Centaurs – and of many other Centaurs, as well – that they are done to death by the poisonous arrows of Hercules. This sheds light on their astrological significance. All other planetary gods are immortal, the Centaurs are not. The specific theme of the Centaurs is, therefore, death, the transformation – the ending of an old life and the beginning of a new and higher life. The Centaur himself can be understood as a symbol for the hybrid position of human beings between the animal kingdom and the godhead, or between animal impulse and reason. The death of a Centaur then means the release of this tension, the transformation of what is subconscious and impulsive into understanding and consciousness. Hercules is the hero who does the Centaurs to death, half intentionally and half unintentionally. He symbolizes the individuality that strives for consciousness.

When a person is under the influence of a Centaur planet, he or she has to go through a transformation. This is connected with an insight. In the language of mythology or of the dreams both death and cognition are the same. Different Centaur planets give rise to this process in different ways. Of chiron we know that he finds it hard to die, – i.e. to understand, or to quit an old attitude towards life and find a new one. He cannot let go and die but keeps stuck in incurable suffering. This can be seen not only from the myth but from his planetary orbit as well: the extremes of Chiron´s ellipse quite exactly touch the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. His mean solar distance is located about in the middle of these two planets. This shows us, that Chiron can neither easily remain in the old disposition (Saturn) nor be released without more ado, i.e. enter into a transforming cognition (Uranus). If there is a release, it is only after long suffering.

Pholus, on the other hand, swings between Saturn and Neptune, and his average solar distance lies near Uranus. He dies all at once, without lengthy processes, and relatively painless. Afterwards, his situation is completely different. Either he has attained to a new prospect, or he finds himself in a catastrophy. For 1993HA2, the “Pluto key”, death comes more violent. He is hit by an unforeseen “death-blow” into the heart, which is accompanied by passionate pain and leaves bitterness and vengefulness behind.

Experiences with natal positions of Pholus

A person with a prominent natal Pholus is in his actions guided by impulses whose motivation he is not really aware of. Actually, he is confronted with energies or parts of his nature that are not incarnated, i.e. that hang over or about him like a cloud (Neptune, the aphelion of Pholus) and urge towards incarnation (Saturn, Pholus´ perihelion) within the material world. In other words: Pholus stands for parts of our nature from which we are still cut off and with which we try to get into contact. The parts in question may be those which cannot be soundly unfolded, or on the other hand a domain where the person intently strives for and with time even reaches great progresses. A combination of Pholus and Mercury, for example, can indicate highest precision and almost magic power of a person´s mercurial abilities, or on the contrary legastheny and dyscalculia.

Pholic impulses are blind in a sense. They press on being realized even if they do not “know”, what could be their appropriate place in the actual order of life. On the contrary, they are in conflict with the established conditions. The person in question may feel impelled to actions, motions or gestures that give rise to disastrous life situations. So, Pholus finds himself in a strain between self-destruction and enlargement of his own character by additional energies or horizons of experience. The pholic person walks on the narrow path of great and seemingly easy success, with the risk of catastrophic slips. Whatever happens, afterwards the person is altered. He has broken with his past, has stripped off an old skin (Greek pholis means “squama” or “skin”), has got over a rocky edge and unexpectedly attained a wonderful tableland, or else is stumbled over it into a precipice.

Instead of blindness, Pholus sometimes gives visionary power. In the myth he is a haruspex, i.e. he reads from the entrails of offered animals. People with Pholus at the IC are often very inspired, sometimes spiritual channels or fortune-tellers or work with the pendulum. But in the myths, the seer is often blind. It is not easy to dream the future and, at the same time, actually realize the present circumstances. More details on the interpretation of Pholus can be found – for those who read German – in our book on Pholus. (s. Bibliography)

Experiences with transits of Pholus

It goes without saying that, besides the study of mythology, astronomy and the effects of Pholus in natal charts, his qualities in transits had to be investigated, too. A new planet must cause distinct experiences when transiting, for example, the natal sun or the ascendent. This is especially true if it belongs to the slow-moving ones and the transit lasts for several months or even years (in case of delay by one or several retrogradations).

Therefore we decided to place Pholus on this kind of probation, too: we collected detailed experience reports of volunteers for all important Pholus transits during their hitherto life. Thereby, we took into account conjunctions, squares and oppositions of transiting Pholus with respect to natal main axes, main planets, Chiron, Pholus himself and the lunar nodes, as well as passages through the Placidian houses. The maximal orb we used was 2°. We listed the periods of pholic influences in their varying lengths in form of a table beginning with the birth and ending at the present time and presented them to the participants. To avoid the danger of influencing them, we gave no hints on the kind of transit or the factors involved. So they groped in the dark, as it were. Only after they had returned us their written experience reports, we commented on their respective transit theme in a personal talk and searched after deeper meanings.

To our surprise, the most transits of Pholus in the lifes of our informants had been accompanied by subjectively important and impressing events and developments. The only exception seemed to be the transits of Pholus over the lunar nodes: people were seldom able to report something. But apart from that, in almost all cases, especially at conjunctions, the participants used to mention distinctly noticeable changes and developments, be it during a house passage or a planetary transit, though they did not know at all what transit was in question. Of course, we investigated whether there were other transits involved, but this turned out to be true only seldom.

While evaluating the reports we could with time sift out the following typical transit qualities of Pholus that used to show up in the lifes of the participants both in disagreeable and agreeable variations:

  • Pholus intensifies the natal factor affected by him in a way that we are impelled to unusual and often thoughtless actions in the domain in question. Frequently one feels a kind of “goaded on” and under a hardly sustainable permanent strain.

  • An underdeveloped facet of the affected part of our personality suddenly appears. On the one hand, this often gives us a spontaneous insight into our deficiencies in the domain concerned. On the other hand, it drives us even more towards a change.

  • The participants often felt a wish of riddance. The old and hitherto sheltering way of life becomes too “limited” and is stripped off without much effort and sometimes even “accidentally” (cf. pholis, squama”. A skinning effect). Some persons characterized this process as an “awakening” of new energies, capabilities and insights, often accompanied by a strong enthusiasm.

  • Pholus seems to launch us again and again into unexpected frontier situations, where we feel demanded too much and eventually exceed the bounds of our possibilities. In these periods of transition from a suddenly lost security (Saturn) we find ourselves helplessly exposed to and confronted with the neu haziness (Neptune). In this situation we run great risk of calamitous misreactions (self-sabotage, accidents; cf. Pholus death in the myth). On the other hand, this “wobbly” state may give rise to a positive new beginning that leads into a richer and intenser life. In both cases there is a tendency, that the subconsciousness determines the “course”.

After all we found that almost all Pholus transits mark more or less important turning-points in life. People often leave behind old things relatively fast and spontaneously, open themselves to unknown new things and therewith grow out of their old self. The way in which this happens with Pholus transits distinctly differs from those of the known planets, as sketched above. So, Pholus is indeed clearly perceptible in transits, and according to our experiences his astrological power is by all means equal to other main planets´ transits. For instance, we recommend to look at the transition of Pholus over the rising or setting points. At those times there was an important turning-point in the lifes of most of the participants of our transit research, though nothing of such kind had been indicated by transits of other main planets. Experiences of similar importance were undergone at passage times of Pholus over MC and IC. (see Note)

The full significance of Pholus can perhaps be imagined best by means of its transit qualities, whereby it is clear that we have discovered only the “top of the iceberg”. Who knows, what else will be brought to light about Pholus? An other interesting matter of research would be, for example, its generations effects that are connected with its extreme speed variations and its extraordinarily variable residence times within the different signs of the zodiac. For instance, when at perihelion, Pholus passes cancer or leo within only two years. On the other hand, when at aphelion in capricorn or aquarius, it takes him 23 years to cross a sign (figure 4), i.e. more than ten times longer! Depending on the generation one belongs to, one will experience the opposition in the cycle of Pholus between the 13th and the 76th year of life (figure 5). So there is a Pholus generation that has Pholus passed through half of the house circle by the age of 13. Imagine the same thing for Uranus! What is the meaning of such extreme variations in frequency and speed of transits for the different generations?

Well, the qualities of Pholus are so extraordinary, that there are still a lot of further questions. With this book on Pholus it shows not only that Pholus is an important new astrological factor but also set a reliable corner-stone for the furthermore investigation of this particular Centaur.



Issues of Greek Mythology


There may be something to be gleaned from the Pholus discovery chart, as well. Pholus was 0 Leo 36 R in the 9th, in close quincunx to Mercury (29 Sagittarius 01), Mars (29 Sagittarius 59) and Ceres (0 Capricorn 56) in the 2nd. The quincunx IS an aspect of adjustment, and can be one of sacrifice, even of death & transformation.

Pholus Article from Mountain Astrologer

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Psychic Access Talk Radio – Psychic Viewpoint

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Don’t miss this week’s show, anchored by Steve Frampton, themed “Astrology and The Collective Consciousness” with special guest Jessica Murray, astrologer, writer and cultural commentator.

Astrologer, writer and cultural commentator Jessica Murray brings to light the spiritual underpinnings that shape both the personal and collective experience of our time. In her private practice, Jessica draws from her knowledge of many metaphysical traditions to provide her clients with a sense of the big picture. Her readers and students are given an understanding of how they might respond, rather than merely react, to these turbulent times. Jessica trained as a fine artist before graduating in 1973 from Brown University, where she studied Jungian psychology and linguistics. After a few years in a political theatre troupe, Jessica began a study of the symbolic language of archetypes, and has been practicing and teaching astrology in San Francisco for thirty-five years. For more information about Jessica, please visit her website at

Astrology and geopolitics may seem strange bedfellows, but Jessica Murray puts the two together in a masterful hybrid to provide a perspective as extraordinary as the times we are living in. Using the principles of ancient wisdom to make sense of the current global situation, Jessica invites us to consider critical contemporary issues with a perspective that reaches far beyond partisanship and provincialism, piercing through the confusion and labeling that keeps so much of America’s cultural discourse unimaginative and unhelpful. Jessica offers an in-depth analysis of America’s essential destiny — uncovering the greater purpose motivating this group soul.

With a rare blend of compassion, humor and fearless taboo-busting, Jessica will explain how this greater purpose has been distorted, and how it can be re-embraced in the decades to come. She decodes current astrological transits that express the key themes we must learn in this period of millennial crisis — including that of the responsibility of power — spelling out the profound lessons the nation will face in the next few years. She sheds new light on troubling issues that the pundits and culture wars inflame but leave painfully unresolved: the WTC bombings, the violence in the Middle East, media propaganda, globalization, consumerism and the American Dream.

In her interpretation of the birth chart of the entity born July 4, 1776, Jessica reveals America’s noble potential without sentiment and diagnoses its neuroses without delusion. Combining the rigor of a political theorist with the vision of a master astrologer, she explains how each of us can come to terms with this moment in history and arrive at a response that is unique and creative. This show will leave you revitalized, shorn of illusions and full of hope.

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