The Pleiades are a group of seven fixed stars, all falling within a degree of one another at the very last degree of the sign Taurus. The leading star, also known as Alcyone is the first of seven sisters, one of whom is lost and invisible. Besides Alcyone, the stars are named Maia, Electra, Merope, Taygete, Celaeno, and Sterope. The group are often referred to as the weeping sisters for when this degree falls in conjunction with the rising degree, the Midheaven, or another significant point, tragedies ranging from blindness to disgrace and ruin or even violent death have been associated. Accidents to the face are particularly noted and the group of stars have a Moon – Mars connotation; never a completely comfortable association.

Visually, the Pleiades was recognized to sit on the shoulder of the Bull in the constellation of Taurus. It was once believed that the Pleiades was the central Sun of the universe and it took the names of the Central One or the Foundation Stone in other regions. Near the beginning of the new millennium, the Pleiades actually began to move into the sign of Gemini, so at this point the sisters are straddling the cusp from the end of Taurus to the start of Gemini. We’ll be three quarters into the century before Alcyone reaches 1 degree of Gemini.

Predicting Events with Astrology, there’s a section in the final chapter devoted to the Pleiades, including the types of events associated with this degree when it becomes prominent in the Solar Return or the progressed horoscope.