Balancing Chakra’s Using Manntras

Opening and balancing the chakras can be accomplished in a number of ways. One way is to use sound. You can use chakra chants during meditation as a way to use harmonic resonance in a healing manner.

Before we get into specific chants that can be used to balance each chakra, it’s important to note that the essential element to healing is the mind. Your intention, plus the frequency of the chant, will result in healing. However, if you are skeptical about the possibility of balancing the chakras using chants, your intention is less pure and the technique will be much less effective. So remember, as you do chakra chants, that it is your intention that is the most powerful chakra-clearing energy!

How do you set your intention for healing? Do it with a declaration, always in the present tense: “I am healthy” or “I am healed.” You want that healing energy circulating in you right now, so the choice of words and their tense is very important. Visualize yourself in perfect health and feel how great it is to be healthy. Really ramp up those positive emotions!

Chakra chants use harmonic resonance to open the chakras.How Sound is Used for Healing
Everything is in a constant state of motion; everything has its own unique frequency that results from the movement of energy.

Imagine the body as an orchestra. When you listen to a symphony orchestra, you know that when all of the instruments are tuned to the same key, the resulting music can be nothing short of miraculous. This is very much like how the body “hums” when it is in perfect health. Each organ, every bodily system and every cell has its own sound, just like each instrument in the orchestra has its own sound. Together, they sound harmonious as the individual tones mesh together.

But if just one instrument goes out of tune, or if the musician doesn’t play in time with the others, there is discord that is immediately noticeable. In the body, this would be a small symptom that something is amiss. It could be something as subtle as a feeling of fatigue, or perhaps a day of “the blues.” If you’re very attuned to your emotions and body, you’ll notice that something is off and you’ll take care of it immediately. But if you’re busy, like most of us are, you might dismiss these signs until the situation escalates.

If one musical instrument goes out of tune or the musician misses a cue, it creates discord. If other musicians start to focus on the “off” instrument and disrupt their own playing, different sections of the orchestra start to sound bad. In the body, this would be disease. This is when things to really wrong.

The question isn’t so much “that” the instruments are out of tune or even out of sync – it’s that the musicians playing them (your thoughts and emotions!) are out of tune. Instruments (the cells) can be tuned (healed). It’s all up to the musicians – the thoughts and emotions – using the right kinds of energy to bring the physical “orchestra” back into harmony.

Bringing the orchestra back into harmonic resonance is the key to health; and it starts with your intention, plus the use of specific sounds of each chakra.

Bija Mantras
Bija mantras are chanted mantras that clear and balance the chakras. The word bija means seed in Sanskrit. This ‘seed’ contains the most essential energy vibration of a chakra. In this way, it acts as a tuning fork and each of the chakras will come into resonance with the mantra with the correct frequency that matches that chakra.

Bija Mantras can be chanted as a series to balance the entire chakra system, or individually if you need to support one or two chakras in particular. You can chant them out loud, or mentally. For an extra powerful boost of healing energy, visualize the color of each chakra as you chant the corresponding mantra.

To chant a bijt martra, begin at the root chakra and chant the sound LAM. The sound is somewhat short and emphatic (don’t linger on the “m”).

Next, move up to the sacral chakra by chanting VAM.

Then, stimulate the solar plexus chakra by chanting RAM

The heart chakra is opened using YAM (pronounced more like ‘yum’)

Clear the throat chakra using HAM (pronounced ‘hum’)

Move up to the third eye chakra with a chant of OM

Finally, the crown chakra can be opened with an extended OM, or complete silence. If you use silence, the OM used in the third eye chakra can be extended and held, so you feel its resonance in the body. At this stage, it is helpful to visualize loving, healing light and energy moving through the chakras, from root to crown and out into the universe.

Chakra chants can be done anytime you feel the need!If you chant the mantras in a series, you can substitute the OM/silence of the crown chakra with “SO HUM” which means “I am that” – it’s a declaration that you ARE these sounds, this energy, that is whole and perfect. Again, you can visualize yourself in perfect health as you chant SO HUM.

If you do this chakra chant every day for just a few minutes, you’ll come out of it feeling balanced and happy. Chant in the car; while doing dishes or cooking; while doing chores around the house; while doing specific yoga poses that correspond to each chakra; while out walking; while doing anything that doesn’t require concentration (folding laundry, for example); while waiting in line; whenever you can!

An added bonus is that these mantras are very soothing, so they’re great to use anytime you are stressed. Chanting these mantras in rush-hour traffic will do wonders for your mood!

Think of your body as a marvelous orchestra as you chant… and imagine that orchestra coming into perfect tune with the frequency of each bija mant