Anaretic Degree

critical degreeAnaretic Degree

The Destroyer. A planet which destroys form.

29th Degree

Also known as the Anaretic Degree, defective vision is noted with this degree. It’s the weakest point in the sign it represents; tired and often showing more of the next sign than the sign it’s in. The planet and house placement is always getting ready to make a change and the 29th degree adds a decision-making complication to the house. Able to see both sides of an issue, there is oscillation between one view and the other and a struggle to make any decision at all. Decisions are put off or there is a continuous re-evaluation due to new information. At the end of his rope, the individual may make a quick decision, simply to do something, but this takes on the characteristic of Too Much or Too Little. Metaphorically, he may dive into the pool before checking to see if it has water.

A placement of a planet in the 29th degree in a house automatically makes the ability to manifest the characteristics of that house structure more fuzzy, and the interaction with the people of that house more vague and less decisive. Sun in the 29th degree often causes a major career change in mid life. This position can slow down career success because of poor decision-making skills. Women with their Sun in a 29th degree have a tendency to marry men who are ineffectual in some way: trouble keeping a job, born followers, too passive, emotional problems. Again this is related to the concept of poor decision-making (both on the part of the woman and on the part of the husband).

A 29th degree in a progressed chart often stimulates the characteristics, either positive or negative of the relationship, and a last fling jump for the characteristics of the sign, in the house that it is in. Saturn in 29th Capricorn is the degree of the workaholic. The individual can’t seem to get enough hard work. But s/he runs into obstacles in getting it, and often vacillates between working to death, and no work.

Thanks to Eric Uberseder (Zarathu) for his contribution and permission to post this edited excerpt from his article, “Let’s Give it the 29th Degree.”

Note: The 29th degree takes a measure of its reputation from the fixed star group called the Pleiades in the final degree of Taurus.

22 Points about the 29th

29th degree stuff: Called the Anaretic Degree(Devore: from the Greek: destroyer, that which destroys form, that which kills) 

1. weakest quality of the sign that its in being the third decanate, or speaking another way, mixed with the qualities of other signs 

2. Last effort of the old sign, often expressing more of the new sign than the old one, especially if one goes with Sepharial’s view that the the degrees go from 30 sec of one to 30 second of the next(which i do) 

3. 29th degrees is always getting ready to make a change. The person ends up being of two minds on the subject, often having difficuty deciding

4. 29th degree more able to see both sides of the issue involving the sign, planet, and house that the degree is in.For example, mercury at the 29th degree of Gemini, may see too many sides, and if squaring something like neptune or Dark Moon Lilith, decisions can become agony .

5. 29th often leaves themselves open to continuous change as new information comes in. They tend to see every circumstance as having elements of correctness. 

6. My wife who leaves everything to being changeable into the future has Saturn at the 28ARI44, which is 29th by any other name, and both 11th house of unforeseen circumstances and 3rd house of childhood education and friends, the sixth of children, the 9th of education are in the 29th degree. 

7. Pat Geisler, famous astrologer, says that the 29th is symbolized by the God Janus: two headed got of the Romans who looked to the future and the past.8. Sun in the 29th degree often causes a jor career change, and maybe at the Saturn return. 

 9. Moon in the 29th is also VOC. The choices become great, and the time to make an action(its too late) that the native may often jump into the pool before checking to see if there’s water in it. 

10. 29th degree can slow success down becuase of poor decision making, or later in life decision making—again dependent on house palcement, signs, planet and strength(power/disharmony/ harmony factors). 

11. Any planet in the 29th degree acts weakly in the sign’s qualities, and shows a fuzzy image in that house, and with the people of that house. 

12. Women with suns in 29th degree, marry men who are defective or ineffective in some way: trouble keeping a job, born followers, too passive, emotional problems etc. 

13. Men with suns in 29th degree: career difficulties, at least one major complete career change, or health problems affecting career .

14. The 29th degree is prominent in wedding charts that end in divorce. 

15. The 29th degree is prominent in charts of home settlements that go bad(foreclosure) .

16. Often times, the 29th of a planet stops a final fling of the sign: the jumping without looking phenomenon, because something has to be done quickly:Sun: a change is suddenly thrust; Moon: an emotional event or VOC, of course; Mercury: nervous problem events; Venus: the finances for love; mars, energy quits; Jupiter, a fling; Saturn, a last minute additon of new responsibility; Uranus: one more sudden event; Neptune: a sorrow 

17. The 29th degree often manifests as having too much or too little, or both after having the other. 

18. Progressions to the 29th degree, can cause all of the above even if the native has no 29th degree. 

19 . The 29th degree says something is about to end, and it may be too late to do anything about it. 

20. Moon in the 29th in a wedding chart, shows the wedding to be based on pregnancy, or that co-habitation has already taken place, and that the couple are already effectively married. 

21. The too much too little sydrome is typical. The 29th degree planet is in a continual “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, and no sooner getting to the other side, then the grass is greener where they came from. It has some of the aspects of the opposition.

22. interpreting: a. consider the planet and house influence to determine how impacting the 29th will be.b. determine the the mixed-up ness that the sign is in by looking at the decanatec. Look at the effect of the 29th degreed. Look at the actualy degree in Charubel or Sabian Symbol.e. Look at the above characterisitcs.