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Optimize Your Manifesting

With Chakra healing!

Everyone has seven energetic centers of their body called chakras and chakra healing is one of the best ways to work with this system. Each of these chakras corresponds both to an aspect of your spirit and to an aspect of your body. For example, your heart chakra corresponds to both your physical heart as well as the spiritual qualities of love and compassion.

While there are physical cures that chakra healing specialists can prescribe, they are also likely to have their patient attempt to heal the spiritual correspondences to their illness as well. In the above example they would likely have their patient work at healing their relationships, on learning to accept and give love, and to act compassionately and passionately in the world. They understand that these actions have energetic and spiritual components to them that will heal and strengthen the physical heart by unblocking their heart chakra.

This is only one small example of how chakra healing can work. Overall it is a complex system that provides a deep and thorough understanding of how to diagnose and treat illness. It understands that nothing happens in isolation and that the human being is a many-layered creature, and that the visible causes of illness and discord are never the true roots of the problem.

While much of modern medicine is totally concerned with the physical, material body and considers all illness and health problems to come from physical sources, the chakra system understands that illness is caused by a complex interplay between mind, body and spirit– and that the only real way to heal is to address each of these aspects of the person. Because of this understanding, it should come as no surprise that there are powerful systems of chakra healing out there that you can use to fully heal and balance yourself.



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