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I am trying not  to be negative so I am under my bed….

Current and upcoming astrological influences have this virgo a little tense.

Lets take a look at the line-up:

Mercury Retrograde September 2015 – Karmic Journeys
Saturn Square Sun Transit
Solar Eclipse September 2015 Healing Broken Hearts
The Total Lunar Eclipse on Sunday September 27, 2015 is at 4 degrees Aries
Yod Aspect Pattern August 29th


Mercury Square Pluto Natal and Transit

And finally (huge breath out)
not to mention the role of the Lunar Nodes, karmic relationships points in the chart. Along with the challenging fixed star, the Moon is with the South Node, suggesting the tradition role as a devout and devoted wife will come under a lot of pressure. There should be greater prominence and fortune favoring the more progressive and independent feminine archetypes.

The heart (Moon) may long for the old ways, but the head (Sun) will prevail with its more rational view of the future role of women in society and in modern relationships. The stabilizing and positive influence on Saturn on the Nodes ensures these outcomes are set is stone and shall prevail. The helpful link between Saturn and the Nodes favors karmic soul unions and long-term commitment during the six month period following lunar eclipse September 2015.

The more extreme your idea, or the more force you use to convince others, the more criticism and conflict you will encounter. You will naturally become defensive under this influence, but it is important not to let your fighting spirit back you into a corner and complicate matters.

My advice to all this……




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