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Have you ever felt out of sorts? It feels like nothing seems to be going right in your life? All of your endeavors appear fruitless? Your relationships are skewed, finances in disarray? Health problems plague you? Even the weather and your plans aren’t cooperating? Well, there may be an easy explanation for the confusion you are enduring.
Harmony begins with you.
It’s a simple solution, but some may balk at the notion that the chaos you are experiencing is manifested by the inharmonious thoughts in your own mind. Perhaps, I can show you what I mean.
Let’s experiment.

Today, let’s look carefully at our thoughts, actions and words. Try for 15 minutes to notice what you are thinking, writing, believing, saying and doing. What negativity do you observe? You may find your mind is bombarding you with worry, fear, regret, anger and resentment. These feelings manifest themselves in your daily life, wreaking havoc in every plan and experience. It’s a vicious cycle that only you can change.

And the best news is,

You Can!