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Mercury and Uranus in Aries

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About Mercury

So Mercury is a messenger, a communication driven planet which thrives on the collection and exchange of information. It’s very essence is to relay information, or rather to instigate its flow. It operates on the mental plane. The air element is what Mercury is all about. It’s one of the faster moving planets in our zodiac and is also closest to our Sun. Collectively he rules our minds, our movements, and our learning abilities.

Mercury’s natural signs : Gemini and Virgo

These two signs share rulership. Mercury has dominion over both of these signs and their effect on us. When Mercury is in Gemini there could not be a more efficient, quick, rapid exchange of information. It’s ideal when Mercury is in Gemini. Speed, movement, changes, flow all come from the influence of this pairing of planet and sign. In Virgo, an earth sign, the energy is a…

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