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February is upon us.,,

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Venus’s visit through steady Capricorn will end on February 1st, 2013 as the planet of love makes its transit to friend-focused Aquarius. When Venus occupied the constellation of Capricorn, our love style focused on materialism and success. Not to say that Capricorn prefers superficiality, rather that Capricorn’s standards in a mate must reflect the high standards they establish for themselves. Aquarius, the Water Bearer, takes the “come as you are” stance, thanks to the Air sign’s unconventional romantic attractions. Capricorn needs a sound, consistent partner while Aquarius revels in shocks & surprises. The experimental nature of Aquarius clashes violently with conservative Capricorn—so we can expect to see this peculiarity affect our partnerships.

When Venus is in Aquarius, there is a very relieving acceptance of what it is we want in a relationship, and not necessarily what society believes is best for us romantically. Aquarians are nontraditional, eclectic, imaginative…

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